The Stewart Family

Jeff, Sonja, Josephine, and Asher have left America to church plant in Vernon, France.

The call to France came in the middle of the night during a week of fasting for Jeff and Sonja in 2015. Two years later, they had sold their house, Jeff had left his business, and they moved to France, not knowing the French language.

After working with a church in Paris for a year, Jeff and his family were sent out to start a church in the Normandie region, along the heart of the Seine, in the charming city of Vernon. Amongst the backdrop of medieval architecture, and rebuilt ruins from the last world war, we are watching hearts awaken to the call of their Creator. The One who desires to build broken lives, heal broken relationships, and resurrect long forgotten hope, is reaching down to His beloved and calling His own. Where the former flames of revival were chased out and tempered by persecution hundreds of years earlier, we see the valley of dry bones awakening just like Ezekiel’s prophecy. We have waited with expectancy to see the budding hope of His Holy Spirit spring forward and bring a great harvest of salvation, deliverance, and power to endure. We believe we will see souls saved, lives changed, and the gospel going out beyond our city.

We share a belief that the best relationships are made over a meal, no matter how simple that meal may be. We want to share lives as a church family: the good, the bad and the ugly, to encourage one another.